Making Our Way Downtown

Experiencing Houston more


Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Growing up in Cypress, it’s easy to feel like you’re living in a bubble. Our little suburbia feels a world away from the city scene of Houston, one of the most populous cities in the nation. We’ve gone to football games, baseball games, concerts, and of course, the rodeo.

But other than these few occasions, not many of us take advantage of the amazing city just miles away from our school. Cypress can get boring really quick-once you’ve already been to the Cinemark and the outlet mall, there is not much else.

Houston, however, has endless opportunities to keep you busy. A trip downtown takes less than 40 minutes if you can work around rush hour, and it is well worth it. The closer you get to the heart of the city, the cooler places get (and the longer they stay open).

When you need a good study session, the local Cypress cafes only stay open to 9 or 10 at the latest, but at downtown, most places stay open until midnight or later. Houston boasts many trendy and spacious coffee shops, open late with free WiFi and unique coffee. Popular ones, such as Honeymoon Cafe on Main Street or Tout Suit on Commerce can be a fun place to just hang out, or more hidden, lesser known places, like Paper Co. on Elder Street can offer a quiet and relaxing study spot all your friends will be jealous of.

Speaking of friends, make sure to grab plenty on your way downtown. Since most Cypress natives will not be extremely familiar with the city areas, it’s best to travel in numbers to ensure maximum safety.

Downtown Houston isn’t just a great spot for study nights-there are hundreds of fun activities you can do for cheap or for free. Most museums will let you in for free if you say you are on a class assignment and show a student ID. Don’t stay cooped up in Cypress-put your driver’s license to good use and get out there! It is never a bad idea to be a tourist in your own city.