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The Little Prince (book)

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The Little Prince (book)

“The Little Prince” was originally released in 2015 in France, but was recently added to Netflix this summer. This movie is an amazing story about friendship, love, acceptance and embracing one’s childhood.

The movie starts with a little girl trying to get into a prestigious school. Getting her whole future planned out and ready is everything to her and her mother. When they move into a new house next to an eccentric old man with a love for stories, everything changes.

The little girl starts to become friends with the old man and starts to question whether or not she actually wants to grow up. She gets lost in the old man’s stories about the Little Prince and his life.

Her mother does not approve of her new friend and thinks that she should be focused on her work and getting into the school, but the little girl begins to think outside of her mother’s box and secretly spends time with the old man and his prince.

One thing about this movie that really intrigues me is that none of the characters have actual names. The old man is referred to as “The Aviator”, the little girl is called pet names like “sweetie”, and “sweetheart” and the Little Prince is called, of course, the Little Prince.

The music is another great thing about the movie. The soundtrack consists of over 25 songs and they are all very melodic, light and beautiful. It really captures the essence of the movie and all of the themes. If I were to describe it in one word it would be “innocence”. If you do not have an interest in watching the movie, which is not a smart choice, I would at least recommend you to listen to the soundtrack.

I can not think of a single bad thing to say about this movie. The animation is gorgeous; they use one style to draw the world the little girl lives in and another to animate the story of the Little Prince. It is a genius film and anyone who watches it will almost certainly love it.