Who is Poppy?

A rising pop star and a project


That Poppy

For the excessive youtubers out there into alternative upcoming artists-there is a new artist named Poppy. Modern and unusual than most pop artists that show up, but mostly unusual.

Along with a verified Vevo account named, That Poppy,  Poppy has a YouTube channel called Poppy that is regularly updated. Videos of Poppy showing her beauty and charm with a child-like, and a slightly robotic voice. Everything about her seems to be addicting and as an audience we question her personality and actions. Yet we can’t get enough of her strange yet endearing ways, and the oddities only seem to build from there.

As the videos of Poppy began to take darker forms the theories started rolling in about the purpose of Poppy. Titanic Sinclair is a writer and director, but in this case the creator of Poppy, and the main theory of her purpose is to show how the music industry and media exploits it’s artists.

Her videos start out simple and cute. She’s simply eating cotton candy or asks if you would like to take a selfie with her. Then out of the blue, videos of Poppy saying unexplained things like “I invented tap dancing” and in the background you hear disgruntled voices of an audience commenting on her claim. This represents how people take everything that a celebrity says with buckets salt taking the joke  too seriously.

Another alarming video is Poppy talking about how much she loves politics and how her opinion matters, but it sounds forced and mocking in a way. The video ends with Poppy saying America is perfect and the national anthem playing in the background slows down to a haunting sound.

Most of her videos have her centering around the internet and how much it makes sense to her and without it she is nothing. This is a mere reflection of how our society is today about how most of us feel empty without our phones or technology. Poppy can be seen with items from major brands we see everyday. This is another way the industry exploits it’s artists through unwanted sponsorships.

As well as exploiting the religion of artists. There are a couple videos of Poppy simply reading the holy bible out loud. Another truly disturbing video is Poppy answering the most asked question by her audience “are you okay?” and she answers back in her own unique way that everything is perfect and there is no need to worry. The video ends with Poppy claiming she is just fine and ends up bleeding from the nose and is still smiling.

In her video “They have taken control” Poppy stands and stares off into the distance while a voice in the video says “You have pledged your allegiance to Poppy, and you will do whatever she says.” As if we the audience were being initiated into her world. Again a representation of how easily some of us mindlessly follow artists’ style and actions with no question.

More videos are being posted, but the most recent was the strangest. It’s titled “uh oh!” Poppy is shown smiling  and all of a sudden starts bleeding from the mouth. Then another version of Poppy shows up next to her and simply says “uh oh.”

Like Alan Resnick, Titanic Sinclair is on to something that is eye opening and original. It’s hard to not appreciate the amount of effort put into the project, and the ability of the girl who plays Poppy is exquisite. This should make everyone question on how we make people larger than they truly need to be.