The Cellar Goes Real World

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Book cover of The Cellar


Book cover of The Cellar

Natasha Preston’s book, The Cellar, is a novel that has made its way to the top of the “must read” books.

I came across this book at the book store under “best seller” and wanted to see for myself if this book really should be a “best seller.” Immediately when I got home I started reading. The beginning of the book starts out telling the story of a teenager named Summer who lives in a small town with her family, friends and boyfriend. Summer seems to have a wonderful life enjoying not having to drive everywhere and instead being able to walk to all of her favorite places, but that all changes.

After meeting up with some of her friends, Summer went to the park to try and find another friend who was upset. On her walk there, Summer got stopped by a man who kept calling the name “Lilly.” Confused, Summer apologizes and begins to walk away right as the man grabs her and put’s her into the van.

The format keeps the book interesting as it changes perspectives with all of the characters. The reader gets to take a look at what is going on at her house to see what everyone is doing to try and find her while still being able to know what Summer is doing. One of the best things about the book, is that it had me hooked from the very beginning and kept me hooked until the very end, which many books do not do.

The book made me realize how much all of what happened, could happen in the real world today. Summer was completely oblivious to the thought that someone would ever kidnap her, which can connect the to kids and teenagers todaydays who think nothing could ever happen to them.

Overall, the book was put together very nice and the author made me want to read more books from her.

Rating: A+