The Flood After the Flood

A view down a Coles Crossing street during the flood

A view down a Coles Crossing street during the flood

While spring break 2.0 might have been a nice break from school during the longest stretch of school without a break, it’s effects are becoming more and more apparent. From AP tests to just regular tests, everything has been crammed together to create a huge mess for students.

Teachers have had to completely redo their lesson plans and cut parts of what they originally planned. For example, the English II department cut their annual research paper short by only requiring students to write and outline instead of writing out a full paper. They’ve also had to figure out ways to get around AP tests so students don’t fall too far behind because of the testing. Some departments have angered several students by still doing major activities on major AP test day such as the day of the World History and English III tests.

Units have had to be cut short with teachers cramming in notes in time for the test in three days and take out activities to ensure that students will be able to be taught all of the material.

Major events and shows such as Choir’s Pop Show are having to be put together faster than ever before due to losing a full week that could have been used to prepare for it. Rehearsals are having to run longer and preparation is being rushed for all these types of events so they can be ready for opening night or whenever the event is. Organizations are scrambling to have their banquets in time for the end of the year. Some have resorted to having banquets at someone’s house because all possible venues are being booked by other organizations.

June 2nd has now become a make up day, but finals has not been pushed back leading to a possible major absence by the majority of the student body leaving teachers with a day of teaching but without students.

Overall, the extra week long break may have been nice, but it’s come back to hurt students more than it helped them during their break.