The three possible best upcoming games

This year and next year have many upcoming releases: movies, shows, albums and much more. New video games are also on the way; They usually tend to be really good or really bad, and people are anticipating these might be the best of the bunch:


Dying Light 2: Planned to release on Dec. 7, 2021. The first game was quite popular and fans anticipated a sequel, and so they got one. After the sequel was announced back in 2018, it had many delays, planning to come out in January of 2020, but due to COVID-19, it was delayed. “Dying Light” is a first-person, open-world zombie survival game with parkour elements added to it, and the sequel is still gonna keep that playstyle. Not much is known about the story, other than that the virus went global and is now twenty years in the future since the first game, but from what we see, it’s not connected to the first game and seems to take place somewhere else in the world. One thing people do know and like a lot about this game is that your actions have consequences, and they affect the world around you, as we saw in one of the trailers for this game. People believe that this game will be good and maybe better than the first. 


Gotham Knights: Planned to come out sometime in 2022, this game is not connected to the “Batman Arkham” series, even though the first trailer starts off in a similar way “Batman Arkham” ended, but with a few changes. Not much is known about the story, but what we know is that Batman is gone, so Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Red Hood work together as bad guys mess with Gotham City. There have been a few bad guys revealed to be showing up in this game, including the mysterious court of owls, Mr. Freeze, and as of recently announced, The Penguin. The gameplay is similar to “Batman Arkham”, but with a few new elements added to change things up a bit. Many people have hope for this game and whatever its story will be.


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Planned to come out sometime in 2023. The first game and its spin-off, “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, were hits having good sales and lots of fans, and the games did well and fans were clambering for another game. They got what they wanted, so they got the third game in this franchise. This game will most likely have the same gameplay as the first two, and there will be many things to find and collect around the world, like Spider-Man suits. The story is unknown, but Peter Parker and Miles Morales will return, and fans finally get to see Venom in the game, after all the teasing from the first two games. The first two games were good, so people are really sure that this one will do good. 


There are many games coming this year, and even more next year, and people are sure that they will be good. But these three might be the best of the bunch.