That’s A Rap

CS Gang’s musical debut


Sarah W

The CS Gang working on writing a song

The computer science UIL team is known state-wide for their academic accolades, but outside of their competitions, the team partakes in an unlikely hobby. Outside of the compsci room, senior Sam Armstrong spends his time writing lyrics and orchestrating songs for the compsci team to record and produce.

The team released their first track, “Hole In One,” on SoundCloud under the name “CS Gang.”

“We nailed the track in about 20 minutes; we put our heart and soul in that, integrating a blend of pop and nerd,” junior CS Gang member Aayush Gupta said.

The computer science UIL field is highly competitive, and the team has several rivals within the Houston area who were “called out” in their songs.

“We made our first song because [Armstrong] walked in and told us that we’re dropping a diss track on the Seven Lakes High School computer science team, and we all kinda just went with it,” junior CS Gang member Tristan Wiesepape said.

As for other comp sci teams, making music is not on the agenda.
“Most teams don’t make music because honestly it’s a lot of work, and if you’ve heard our music, you’ll be glad more comp sci teams don’t make music,” Armstrong said.
Although recording music is merely a hobby for the team, it also suffices as a team bonding activity.

“We spent about two weeks randomly writing down lines followed by a two-hour recording session in the Comp Sci room with a karaoke microphone. Then I spent about 30 minutes lining up the beat. Our first song was a diss track on Seven Lakes High School, and if we make more songs, they will probably be computer science related,” Armstrong said.