Students throwing their graduation caps in the air (Photo provided by Pixabay user paseidon)
Students throwing their graduation caps in the air

Photo provided by Pixabay user paseidon

Graduation Is Here!

Graduation and college tips for girls

May 1, 2019

Hey, ladies. Today we’re going to be talking about the one thing everyone has been waiting for all through high school: graduation. With graduation comes lots of happy and sad moments. There will be tears, smiles, congratulations and much more on that one special night.


This is your big night, so you don’t want to dress too casual, but you don’t need to be wearing a ball gown either. During the ceremony, you’ll be wearing your graduation robe and cap, but you still want to be dressed decently underneath because I’m sure you’ll be taking a lot of pictures with friends and family. Try opting for a nice dress or skirt or even dark slacks with a nice light colored blouse. However, I don’t recommend wearing high heels; it’ll be very uncomfortable and can be unsafe. Go for some nice flats or pumps instead since you’ll be doing a lot of standing and walking around. Whatever you do, do not wear jeans and a t-shirt or sandals or tennis shoes. Those are big graduation wear no-no’s.


Everyone looks forward to the activities after the actual graduation ceremony. Some people go to parties, others may plan a week long trip for the summer with their friends and some just like to have a chill summer to prepare for college. If you decide to go on a trip, this is the time to have one final “hoorah” with your friends and go crazy planning a fun week. Don’t spend your entire life savings, though, and keep a budget in mind when planning a fun graduation activity.


Leaving your family and preparing for college is going to be stressful, and it may be hard at times, but once it’s all over, you get to start over with new people, professors and courses. Once school starts next year, many people will have moved into dorms or apartments, and some of them may have roommates. You’ll have to learn basic “adult like” things once you’re living on your own without a parent to help you, such as doing the laundry or going grocery shopping, and you’ll need to be much more careful about spending your money.


Though this time will may be stressful, happy and sad all at once, remember this is what you’ve been waiting for your entire life, and look forward for what’s to come in your future.