Photo provided by: Munzy Kabbara

Kabbara swims at the Fina World Championships.

Q&A with Munzy Kabbara

We talk all things swim and the Fina World Championships.

February 7, 2019

When, where and who did you swim for at Worlds?

  • “Worlds were from December 11-16 in Hangzhou, China, and I swam for Lebanon.”

How did you get to swim for Lebanon?

  • “I was born in Houston not Lebanon. However, my dad is Lebanese and my mom is American; therefore, I have dual citizenship.”

How long have you been on the Lebanon National Team?

  • “I’ve been on the Lebanese National Team since I was about 14, so about two to two and-a-half years now.”

What was the process for qualifying for Worlds?

  • “Being the best all-round swimmer in the country of Lebanon, and making the B Qualification cut.”

At what age did you start swimming?

  • “I started swimming at the age of 9 in Dubai for my school.”

What is your best swim event?

  • “My favorite and best event to swim is the 400 meter individual medley(IM) which is 100 meters of each stroke butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle”

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions?

  • “Yes I listen to music and pray for God to give me the best…even if it means losing the race. This is a very important thing for me to do behind the starting blocks because it calms me down.”

Did you set any records at Worlds?

  • “I became the fastest person to ever swim the 400 IM and 200 Fly in Lebanon’s history. I broke two national records, both set very recently by a 19-year-old. “