A house decorated with Christmas lights. (Photo by: Flickr)
A house decorated with Christmas lights.

Photo by: Flickr

Light up the Night

Why everyone should decorate their houses.

December 18, 2018

It’s about to be that time of year: Christmas.

The bells are ringing and all the lights are out on display. One thing that everyone should be focused on this Christmas is decorating their houses. I know that decorating your house and putting up all the lights is a lot of work, and everyone really only cares about the presents on Christmas. The house is a really important aspect of Christmas too. My family doesn’t decorate the house for Christmas and I really hate it because I want to show people that we are festive and the holidays are big.

no school and people don’t have to go to work, so might as well decorate the house since there’s nothing better to do. It’s a pretty sad thing when you are driving down the street and you see all of the lights that people have put up and the snowman that’s on the yard. Then you go to your house and it’s just bare. No lights or anything. Not even a sign that has ‘Merry Christmas’ on it. It tells people that you just don’t care and that is wrong.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and if it doesn’t take much to decorate a tree, then it shouldn’t take much to decorate a house. Also Christmas lights just look pretty and cool. I drive by and make sure to say “that looks nice.” All of the lights are beautiful and it’s there for everyone in the whole neighborhood to see. I would just like to get the bragging rights to say that my house is the best decorated. Christmas decorations aren’t even expensive, so anyone can do it. I’m telling you when I get older and buy my own house, I will decorate my house inside and out. I will put lights everywhere so everyone will know that it is that time of the year.