2018-2019 Senior Class President Matthew Mori [fourth to right] stands with his friends and campaign shirts labeled "Mori for Glory" before the 2018 election.

Mori For Glory

2018-2019 Senior Class President Matthew Mori

September 5, 2018

Senior Class President Matthew Mori has various ideas for Cypress Woods this 2019-2020 school year. He campaigned extensively for his position in April of 2018 and now, from new school dances to sanitation and recycling, he is ready to lobby for change.

“One thing I’m really look forward to doing, or attempt doing, is a Sadie Hawkins Dance, having another dance in the second semester that doesn’t require us being a senior,” Mori said.

Mori thinks that he can set up the dance by early 2019 because of its high demand.

Mori also says he will work to get students more involved at school by raising awareness of extracurricular activities.

“I feel like getting them involved some way somehow, like calling people out to do the announcements or getting people in a way where they get excited for school,” Mori said.

Knowing that many students only attend school because they have to, Mori plans on giving students an opportunity to enjoy school.

“All of it has to do with classes and stuff, with teachers,” Mori said. “I feel like how teachers teach their classes has a big impact. But also I feel like it’s how included you are. I’d have to think about how I would necessarily get kids involved. Maybe organize socials, organize more things to get more students together because when students get together, that’s when they have fun in school usually. I know it takes a lot of time to do those kind of things, but I feel like someone like me, who’s pretty persistent on that kind of stuff, I feel I can get these things passed.”

In a larger scheme, Mori plans on improving the school building itself.

“Another thing I’m trying to do is help with cleanliness around the school and bring back recycling and a bunch of other things that would help the school n a positive way,” Mori said. “One thing that we can do is implement measures that help for a more clean bathroom. For example, have those toilet paper seat covers. Also in terms of disease, blow dryers for your hands spread disease, and having paper towels and putting as recycling bin in the bathrooms, I feel like that would be really effective.”

Mori will investigate where recycling went in 2017 and if he can, reintroduce the service. In terms of school policy, he aims to bring awareness to students of new school policies in advance and argue for flexibility next year with lanyard flexibility and colors. In the athletics department, he will work to enforce equality among funding.

“I feel like there are not as may sports funded as much as other sports at this school,” Mori said. “I don’t know [if] that is a fact for certain but that’s what I think I know. I think distributing the money to where [it needs to be], maybe basketball needs new jerseys every few years or maybe the cross country team can have a new uniform.”

“I’m all about the experience. Life is full of experiences and it’s all about how you enjoy those experiences, no matter what they be.”

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