Part of That World

A PSA from an aspiring expatriate

March 20, 2018

“America is so great! Why would you ever want to live somewhere else?”

 This is the most annoying phrase anyone who wants to live across seas can be told. Why would anyone want to live outside the U.S.? Well for starters there are some places such as Canada and the UK that have free healthcare. The taxes may be a bit higher, but hey if free healthcare is a result of those higher taxes then that’s a definite benefit.

 Also if someone doesn’t love the country they are in or if they are not proud of that country how can they stand living there? Some people do not want to live in the U.S. and that’s okay. U.S.A once stood for freedom and new opportunities, yet this is also the Great American Paradox. The U.S. stands for freedom, but we had slavery and when the Irish came over after their potato famine they were treated horribly. They were given the worst jobs, the worst living conditions and Americans treated them like dirt. This country has a severe history of xenophobia that still bleeds into today.

 Another stigma about why America is “the greatest country” is that we have freedom of speech. Well so does Canada. So does the UK and France. There are so many countries that have freedom of speech. We have the right to bear arms. Yeah well look where that has gotten us.

Enough harking on America, there are other countries that are just as great. Saying America is the greatest is an opinion and one that not everyone in this country shares. For some, they can’t wait to break free and get out of this place.

America does have some great qualities, there is its incredible diversity. In Texas alone there are dozens of Mexican restaurants, Chinese markets, amd even some German-style towns. America is one great mixing pot of culture and that in itself is amazing.

That said, America just is not for everyone and that is okay. If someone plans on moving out of the country do not shame them for this because for them, coming to terms with that is probably difficult enough. Wanting to leave somewhere they have lived their whole life is a scary concept, so rather than adding to the fear and doubt, encourage them. Maybe do some research about the country they are wanting to move to. Be a part of their journey and not a part of their problem.

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