(Photograph provided by Cypress Crossings Christian Church Youth Group)

Photograph provided by Cypress Crossings Christian Church Youth Group

Why Happiness and Single are not Oxymorons

benefits of remaining single in highschool

February 14, 2018

Valentines Day. Shameless couples around the building walk together, talk together and eat together. They appear to be joyously content sharing their life with someone else under bright rays of sunlight. And then there’s the single people, watching from the shadows.

According to the Pew Research Institute though, 65% of teens have never been in a romantic relationship. 65% of us live day to day, accomplishing life as independent beings. And while 35% of teens have been in a relationship, they may not have any significant advantages in life. A serious relationship may provide emotional support, but casual dating may only provide company and quickly dump someone into a single person once again.

In fact, single people in highschool may have an advantage in life. They can pursue their education and practice their interests without being defined, distracted, or drained by another individual. A student only spends four years in highschool. Imagine how much one could accomplish when their attention is not focused on another individual.

Any person in a relationship can be defined as someone else’s boyfriend or girlfriend. Their opportunity to make first impressions could be skewed by their significant other’s reputation, and their day to day conversations could also lean in that direction. A single person has the ability to forge their own path in their appearance and actions, painting a unique picture of themself in the world.

There are many opportunities for personal gain and community benefit if one is looking and not distracted by a relationship. If they are pondering their significant other’s accomplishments or downfalls, other activities may seem less significant. One might miss trying out a new hobby, befriending their neighbors, or volunteering at a soup kitchen if their head is in the clouds, thinking of their significant other.

Also, while an individual could be doing school work or attending a social event, they may be instead sitting by their significant other’s side, sacrificing their other time for them. Although it’s appropriate for people to help their friends, people in a relationship may feel a need to be constantly reliable for their significant other, which could easily be overdone, leaving them tired and unhappy. Being single means that one is completely unbound to enjoy life, and spend an infinite amount of time with friends.

In conclusion, being in a relationship could be a great experience, but it could just as possible be miserable. Being single though offers the potential for one to enjoy life and change society by their own unrestricted will.