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Photo provided by: Madeline Fatsura

Photo provided by: Madeline Fatsura

Photo provided by: Madeline Fatsura

POW: Madeline Fatsura

When she was younger, junior Madeline Fatsura only thought of a profession that had to do with profit; therefore, she decided to delve into the engineering field, and now she is in her second year of engineering design and presentation.

“I do enjoy it now,” Fatsura said. “I’ve gotten the chance to create many unique machine parts. In engineering and design, we work with two computer programs, AutoCad and Inventor in order to create parts of machines and then we create a blueprint for the parts that can be used or entered into contests we compete at. We’re currently printing machine parts, like brackets, that we created in Inventor for contest.”

The fact that engineering is profitable is now only an added benefit and is by far, not the main focus of Fatsura’s passion anymore.

“The school has amazing opportunities for future engineers for the future,” Fatsura said. “I definitely agree with the fact that the school allows us to learn things that are actually done in companies as I plan on becoming an engineer in the future.”

Fatsura wants to make a difference in people’s lives in the future through her engineering skills.

“My favorite thing about engineering is that you’re actually facilitating life for other people,” Fatsura said. “The parts you create actually help other people do their job easier. But my least favorite part is that the drawings we create for our products are quite difficult to read, so that slows down our process.”

She has conducted a multitude of projects through her two years in engineering and hopes to continue through her senior year and her college career.

“I was able to use my ideas and design my own project which was scary but quite liberating,” Fatsura said. “The most recent project I’ve done is a bracket for tools, but I’m still working on the blueprint for it.”

Engineering may look time-consuming and difficult to people who are not oriented with the subjects required to execute it, but it is a different story for Fatsura.

“Unless you’re going to contest, I’d say that not much effort is needed,” Fatsura said. “It’s pretty simple as long as you’re literate. A simple way to describe engineering is finding the best way to solve problems.”

The school district gifts the engineering department with a plentiful amount of funding, allowing them to efficiently work with high tech equipment.

“We currently have two 3D printers, and it’s always exciting to see them in action, creating prototypes of your project,” Fatsura said. “Anyone who finds joy in creating new things and problem-solving should try taking an engineering class.”

In addition to the arduous struggle to maintain a stable GPA, many may also believe there is a point in time when it becomes too late to learn something new; however, Fatsura stresses otherwise.

“It’s never too late to learn something new as long as you have the will to learn and put effort into it,” Fatsura said. “Our engineering program is so amazing and progressive. I hope that people aren’t discouraged from being a part of it because they’re worried that they won’t do well, or that they’re worried about their GPA. ”


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