Coveted Costco

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10 surprising facts about Costco

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Coveted Costco

Provided by Wikimedia

Provided by Wikimedia

Provided by Wikimedia

Costco is known for its relatively cheap bulk items that are a savior to families and restaurants alike, but Costco sells so much more than an extremely large count of toilet paper.
Here are 10 surprising things sold at Costco:

1. They sell caskets.
Theoretically, a person could buy everything they need throughout their life–from diapers all the way to caskets and funeral supplies.

2. They sell an over 1/4 hotdog combo for $1.50.
This has been a staple in their food court for around 30 years and isn’t scheduled to change.

3. Vacations are sold at Costco.
A person’s next vacation can be purchased and planned through Costco’s travel site.

4. Engagement rings and other expensive diamonds are available.
Costco can even aid a person in the next step of one’s relationship.

5. They sell eyeglasses and contacts.
Costco has an eyewear station where people can try on different frames and fill eye prescriptions.

6. Hot tubs are also sold.
This is another item that is more than likely only found online but is still available at Costco.

7. Heading aids are made and sold.
There is usually a hearing aid center where people can be tested and fitted for custom hearing aids.

8. They sell cars.
Costco partners with thousands of dealerships to provide members with exclusive low prices.

9. Costco is technically in the top 20 pizza chains in America.
Costco has nearly 500 stores nationwide where their slices are $2 a piece. This adds up and lands them a spot on the list.

10. The minimum wage for all employees is $13.
The average Costco worker makes around $20 an hour, and the lowest paid workers earn at least $13 an hour.

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