NFL players who were signed to different teams during the off-season (Hunter Mancuso)
NFL players who were signed to different teams during the off-season

Hunter Mancuso

Top NFL off-season moves

March 31, 2021

This year hasn’t been as great as the past years when it comes to talking about the NFL free-agency. The salary cap was set at $182.5 million dollars, while during the 2020 off-season it was at $198.2 million dollars. This budget cut is forcing teams to not only try to sign players for more years so they can stay under the salary cap. They also have to cut some players so they can make it all fit. Even though this does a lot of damage for teams wanting to make big contracts with players, there were still teams who were not playing around and got straight to what they needed to do.

Joe Thuney
Even though a lot of people have not heard of this trade, it was a big plus for the Kansas City Chiefs to pull this massive offensive guard. After that huge embarrassment at the Super Bowl, it was clear that the Chiefs needed some reconstruction when it came to their O-line. Five years for $80 million is a big contract for an offensive lineman, but it was a good choice by the Chiefs as Thuney is very reliable and doesn’t make many mistakes.

Matthew Stafford
A lot of people like to hate on Matthew Stafford and say that the Los Angeles Rams are dumb for picking up a quarterback who couldn’t take his team anywhere. He played for the Detroit Lions, you can’t blame the guy. Even Tom Brady wouldn’t be able to do anything with that team. I believe this is where Stafford can find his break and go far with a team like this, with arguably one of the best defenses in the league. With a really good coaching staff, Stafford will be just fine and have great chemistry with head coach Sean McVay.

Kenny Golladay
The New York Giants seemed to be a ruined franchise but Danie Jones has stepped up and has shown that the Giants have some light and could win the NFC East just because of how horrible that division is. Singing Kenny Golladay was a smart choice by head coach Joe Judge. Golladay will definitely be the new receiver core and will be the biggest target for Daniel Jones this next season.

Hunter Henry
Hunter Henry is probably one of the most underrated tight ends in the league. Playing for the Chargers didn’t give him much attention in the first place. Being paired up with Jonnu Smith will give whoever is gonna be the quarterback for the New England two very big targets who are bound to catch anything thrown their way. Henry’s drop rate for the 2020 season was less than 3% and with Bill Belichick’s offense, Henry and the rest of the signings that the Patriots got will be a huge help.

Carson Wentz
After his MVP season run in 2017, Carson Wentz has done nothing but go down hill and has become one of the most hated quarterbacks in the league. Singing with the Indianapolis Colts was probably the best thing for them. Being reunited with head coach Frank Reich and having an already pretty developed team puts in the perfect spot to take the Colts somewhere far. Not many people still have faith in Wentz but I honestly do, and it’s not because I am personally a Colts fan but this will be Wentz break to show everyone wrong.

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