The Wild Things at a Cy-Woods football game (Photo Taken by Craig Self )
The Wild Things at a Cy-Woods football game

Photo Taken by Craig Self

Meet the Wild Things

November 17, 2020

The Wild things have been a big part of Cy-Woods since the school has opened. seniors are elected every year to become the new wild things. Craig and Nikki Self are the co-sponsors for the wild things and help them with whatever they need. Since last year was cut short, Cy-Woods wasn’t able to host tryouts for the Wild things. This year, there are only eight wild things due to the late tryouts. 

Senior Andrew Doan is one of this year’s wild things along with seven other seniors. 

“Ever since freshman year, I always wanted to be a wild thing, after seeing them hype everyone and inspire others during morning pep rallies and football games,” said Doan.

Some may be wondering, what even is a wild thing? 

“A wild thing to me is not just a spiritual leader, but a leader to the student body as well,” said Faulkner. “ Somebody who was meant to stand out, and that is how I feel on the field leading our stands in cheering on our team and knowing that we’re being looked up to by others.” 

It’s not hard to find a wild thing, especially on game day. The wild things are always easy to identify in the hallways, and Senior Sam Burke always enjoys getting ready on game day.

“My favorite thing about being a wild thing is getting to wear super cool overalls,” said Burke. “ As well as being an active participant in the Cy-Woods culture.”

The wild things are at every game hyping up the student section and making sure they are always having a good time. Senior Emma Whitley making sure that the crowd is being loud along with the other wild things.

“We encourage everyone to show school spirit and try to get the crowd going during football games,” said Whitley. “ We also run the flags at all the games.”

Senior Mario Guzman has been excited since the beginning of the year to be one of the wild things. 

“I was super excited when I found out I was a wild thing, to know that for my last year at woods I’m able to represent the school and show we have the most spirit,” said Guzman. 

Faulkner was in the eighth grade when she knew she wanted to be a wild thing, and ever since then, she’s made it a goal of her to be a wild thing.

“ When I was in eighth grade I remember it was such a huge deal to go to the varsity football games,” said Faulkner. “I remember going and seeing the wild things and doing all the chants and cheers with them was just so fun and exciting, and instantly knew it would be my goal to become one someday.”

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