Spider-Man (Pixabay user Omaralfarooqpn)

Pixabay user Omaralfarooqpn

Dishing the Details: Far From Home

Taking a look at what's in store for Spider-Man: Far From Home

May 17, 2019

Spoiler Warning for those who are not caught up with all MCU movies (including Endgame).


A new trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home was dropped on the heels of Endgame, literally. When Endgame first came out, one of the previews was for Far From Home. However, if you were to see Endgame today, there would be a video of Tom Holland in place of the original preview, telling you to stick around after the movie to watch the new, spoiler-filled trailer. This new preview is filled with some very conversational topics, so I picked my top three to discuss.


  • Tony Stark: In this installment of Spider-Man, we will be able to see the effects Tony’s death has on Peter. It’s part of what forces Peter to come face-to-face with the action and destruction this movie teases. If Tony was still alive, there is a good chance Nick Fury would have sought him out instead of Peter. The new trailer also gives us insight as to how the world is coping with the death of Iron Man.


  • Multiverse: Throughout the Spider-Man comics, there have been many references to a multiverse. However, it’s existence has never been acknowledged in Marvel Studio’s live-action films. While Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was a good introduction to the idea (as well as a great movie), this is the first official discussion on what having a multiverse in the MCU entails. The characters credit this new discovery to ‘the snap’, saying it not only caused a riff in civilization, but also in many other details of our world, including the timeline.


  • Mysterio: In the first trailer, we were lead to believe that Jake Gyllenhaal’s character, Mysterio, would be Spider-Man’s new opponent. However, the second trailer seems to contradict that theory. It presents him as another hero fighting to support his own people. There have been interviews with Gyllenhaal himself discussing what role Mysterio will really have in Far From Home, but I personally want that to be a surprise for when I see the movie. However, it is out there. My working theory has Mysterio pretending to be a defender and then flipping to show himself as the true villain. Take that as you will, but I think Marvel is purposely trying to confuse viewers to build suspense and interest in the movie. Whatever the case, the addition of Mysterio in the MCU will be one for the books.