Rebecca Wisenbaker in the middle of Tech club at their state competition. (Photo provided by: Rebecca Wisenbaker)
Rebecca Wisenbaker in the middle of Tech club at their state competition.

Photo provided by: Rebecca Wisenbaker

Person of the Week: Rebecca Wisenbaker

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April 28, 2018

In her second year of the award winning Cypress Woods Tech Club, junior Rebecca Wisenbaker was able to take part in the fifth consecutive state tech club competition win in a row. She plans on continuing her engineering and tech activities in the future during college and as a profession as well.

“[Tech club] is super expressive,” Wisenbaker said. “You can show your creativity more and do your own thing, and it’s definitely more hands-on.”

Wisenbaker’s engineering and tech career began when she first took the class “Engineering Design and Presentation” as a sophomore and was enticed by the creative opportunities.

“The stuff we were working in there really interested me,” Wisenbaker said. “The teacher would tell us about how we could design different things using computer software, 3D print it and take it to contest.”

Now nearing the end of her second year of participating in tech club with around eighty people, Wisenbaker continues to love the different experiences and lessons that the tech field has offered her thus far.

“[I love] The connections you make with people and all of the different things at contest,” Wisenbaker said. “It’s crazy to see all of the variety of things people can create during high school, not even college or a profession.”

Wisenbaker is confident in tech club’s continued success at state competitions in the coming years due to the influence of her peers and her teachers.

“I think it’s not very surprising because of how many people are in tech club,” Wisenbaker said. “A huge part of our success is the teachers. They really encourage us to make projects and do things more for ourselves than anything else.”

Wisenbaker will continue the long streak of victory in tech competitions during the next school year, which is also her senior year.

“I’ll make more projects and spread the word about how beneficial and amazing tech club is,” Wisenbaker said.

Tech club involves an immense amount of creativity, productivity and motivation in order to create successful projects to bring to competition.

“[I would recommend tech club to] people that love problem solving and buildings things hands-on,” Wisenbaker said. “Even just artistic people in any sense or people who love creating and love putting things together.”

Wisenbaker’s experiences in tech club have made a long lasting impact on her general lifestyle, and she plans on letting these memories guide her in her future aspirations and endeavors.

“Whenever you’re there, you just feel like you belong because you’re with everyone else who shares the same interest as you.”

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