The Ferris wheel at the Houston Rodeo. (Erin Ellis)
The Ferris wheel at the Houston Rodeo.

Erin Ellis

Rant in 212: The 2020 Houston Rodeo Lineup

My take on the artists featured in the 2020 Houston Rodeo.

February 24, 2020

I am a seasoned music listener, and I’m sure a majority of those reading this are as well. I’ll also acknowledge that music itself has drastically changed from when the rodeo started having an artist lineup and today. With all that said, who’s bright idea was it to add a K-pop group to an event notoriously intended to celebrate the southern heritage of the United States, which also takes place in a venue with sand and dirt everywhere? I understand the zeitgeist of music today definitely prefers K-pop to a lot of other things, but seriously? Other artists in the lineup include Khalid and Marshmello, who primarily make hip-hop. Perhaps the people who run the rodeo thought that catering to the masses instead of the target audience of the rodeo would make more money? The only “traditional” artists listed are folks like 86-year old internationally-acclaimed country singer Willie Nelson, and… a few more pop-country acts. I don’t think seasoned rodeo-goers will appreciate a mostly pop-country event. Also, Gwen Stefani is on the lineup. Famous for “Hollaback Girl” and the least country-esque music I’ve ever heard. The point is, I think that Gwen Stefani showing up at a rodeo is almost as out of place as NCT-127 showing up at the same venue.