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EJ, AK, and their friends modeling Xpolr merch

CarolineS, Online Editor

April 5, 2019

More and more people are starting to branch out into the territory of self-made businesses and brands. Within that demographic, there is a surprising number of high school students. They happily devote a portion of their time to the products they’ve worked for. Cy Woods is no stranger to students who ...

What’s Next in Oil?

Oil prices suffered a severe drop in 2014. How will the industry recover?

Daphne T, Staff Reporter

February 16, 2018

The oil industry is very prevalent in the Houston area; the oil price collapse of 2014 greatly impacted families and businesses alike. To reduce expenditures, oil companies laid off around 400,000 workers, leaving thousands of families in the Houston area without income, and major projects that did not...

Person of the Week: Regan Evans

Reagan Evans

SujeanS, Co-Copy Editor

March 11, 2017

Bath bombs have become more and more popular recently, however they can be expensive and a hassle to get a hold of. This is why freshman Regan Evans decided to start a business making and selling bath bombs. "I started watching videos about them and I thought they were cool," Evans said. "But I didn't...

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