The Best of Smosh Games

Smosh Games' top five shows


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Smosh Games is an extension of the YouTube comedy channel, Smosh, which mainly focuses on gaming. The channel; currently starring Joshua Ovenshire a.k.a. Jovenshire, Mari Takahashi, Wes Johnson, Damien Haas, and Ericka “Boze” Bozeman; was started in 2012 and boasts more than 7 million subscribers. After six years, several cast changes, and a wide variety of games and shows, Smosh Games still finds a way to stay fun and funny. Here are the five Smosh Games shows that never fail to entertain.

5. Maricraft- This show started in 2012 as Super Mari Fun Time, but after its Minecraft arc became hugely popular with fans, it rebranded itself as Maricraft in 2014, and it is the oldest show still making new episodes. It stars Mari Takahashi and the rest of the Smosh Games cast as they partake in some Minecraft shenanigans, from building a giant Pokéball to creating a Minecraft version of “Survivor”.

4. The Damien and Shayne Show- This is one of the newest shows on the Smosh Games lineup. It premiered in 2017, shortly after the addition of Damien Haas to the cast. It is basically Damien and his best buddy, Shayne Topp from the main Smosh channel, playing games for the Internet to enjoy. The friendship between these two is evident just from watching it because they play off of each other and tease each other like real best friends. The show was put on hiatus in August of 2018, but hopefully, Damien and Shayne will be back with more games and more hilarity.

3. Reality Shift- Even though it was disliked by several fans for replacing the immensely popular Grand Theft Smosh, this short-lived show still deserves some recognition. Reality Shift, which started in October 2016 as part of Smosh Games’s Smoshtober event, explores the world of virtual reality gaming. The cast plays on a green screen set and gets edited into the world of the game, bringing another degree of immersion to virtual reality.

2. Board AF- After seeing how popular videos of the cast playing board games were, Smosh Games added this board game-oriented show as part of Smoshtober, and it is the only one that is still running. Every Sunday, the cast gets together for a table-top game, which might sound boring in concept, but these games can get pretty heated. This past month, the cast has been revisiting some fan favorites, all of which involve lying, betrayal, incriminating friends, and/or explicit content, so their games never get boring.

1. Game Bang- Starting with the channel in 2012, Game Bang was a staple for Smosh Games for almost six years. Every Friday, the Smosh Games cast gets together to play a game, but there is a twist: whoever loses has to endure a punishment that often has to do with the game. Sadly, Game Bang finished its run in March 2018 with a whopping 272 episodes, but they are still available to watch because everything on the Internet lasts forever.