North Korea’s Threat

North Korea releases propaganda video

For a long while now, North Korea has been a source of mockery turned threat for the United States. As its hostility towards South Korea grows, so does its aggression towards USA.
Recently, North Korea has made its anger blatant with the release of a propaganda video. The clip borders at a couple of minutes long, and shows several clips of army weapons and bombs. As well as scenes with flames and national parades, there are also pictures of the White House with cross hairs over the building, an obvious threat towards America.
With tensions rising, dictator Kim Jong-Un has made it very clear that if America makes any sudden military move, North Korea will retaliate with such violence that they will even use nuclear bombs, which will be deadly for not just the USA but for surrounding countries as well.

Earlier in the month, during the military “Day of the Sun” celebration, there were images that depicted San Francisco being bombed in a different propaganda video. Currently North Korea is also threatening to sink a U.S. Carrier as well. All these threats have prompted fear in the American people, and despite the recent failure in a missile test that was highly celebrated, North Korea is being taken as a more serious threat than ever.

In the propaganda video, the subtitles at the end read “The final collapse will begin.” Despite the lack of action North Korea has taken towards America, people question if these series of threats mean that the military will make its move.