Time Flees

Winning the battle if getting up in the morning


SujeanS, Co-Copy Editor

Every student can relate to the dread that fills their body when they hear their alarm ring at 6 am or even earlier. It is nearly impossible to resist the urge to hit snooze four or five times. Or, tap snooze, that is. Ever since the iPhones have come out, it seems that less and less people are buying actual alarm clocks. However, this alarm clock will have you running to the shelves.

Clocky is an alarm clock will wheels that will run away until you catch it and turn it off. It has the option for you to only snooze or turn snooze off so that it ensures you are never late. It will also jump down from your nightstand from three feet off of the ground. Clocky kills two birds with one stone: you will rarely be late to school or work and making you get up and move will help you wake up faster. You might not even need to hit snooze.

Clocky comes in multiple colors and has the time under two buttons, giving it the image of a face. If you only want it for the looks, there is an option to disable the wheels, but that defeats the purpose of the clock.

This clock is truly a product of the future. An alarm clock that runs away from you may seem annoying, but it might be just the thing you need to finally stop tapping the snooze button.